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Still Born received the Tempo New Doc award 2014:

Link to Tempo &  jury citation


Three years after the grand opening at the 61st Berlinale and a hundred screenings at international festivals later, "I am round " is to become ambassador for swedish film at 200 Swedish embassies all over the world!!!

We will celebrate this with an online release of the film as well, and it´s all for free so enjoy the film and have a beautiful 2014!!!

Click to watch on youtube!


I am round was awarded Best Animation in the European Short Debuts Competition at New Horizons IFF 2011!


BUSTER IFF Special Mention - Short Film: 'I am round'
The jury citation read:

The jury has chosen to give a special mention to this film because it is an original version of a recognizable theme. The film is about being different and not fitting into the world (or box) where you are born. It is a simple and precise story that touches your heart with a sympathetic and touching lead character you cannot help but love. The film lives in the way the simplistic scenes are told, and without any dialogue it carries us through an exceptional universe that holds a lot of spirit

I am Round in competition at the 61st Berlinale 2011!


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